Find the right inspiration for your creative work. Source really does matter.

Fra Angelico’s Heaven Over Earth


Every creative person has to make decisions about their source.

We love Basquiat and Bacon (sounds like something yummy, right?) but we choose not to draw from their same sources. We also love Rembrandt and Twombly and Gubaidulina; we endeavor to draw from their sources.

Source is a key question in creativity of all kinds because it all comes from somewhere. You can choose to draw from hell (looking at you, Francis B.) or heaven (you the real, Sophia G.), or wherever you choose — the shopping mall, the grocery store, the bank, the street.

But please, find your source. It matters.

One last thing. Don’t be like Basquiat and go crazy on drugs and then die at 27. Not cool. Be more like William Pope.L. The longer he goes, the more potent his work. That’s because he’s got capacities, not just gifts. More on the difference another time. But it begins with this: cultivate your source.

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Do it now.


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