In 10 days, build a gentle, life changing practice into your life.


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Elevate the conversation merely with your presence

How you show up in the relationships you’re in, whether with a boss, lover, or friend, determines a great deal more than you might realize about not only the outcomes of each interaction, but also the long term health of the relationship with issues like trust, compassion, or love.

A more elevated presence means you will raise the bar on how you treat others, and also how you will allow others to treat you. In what we do and how we show up is evidenced how we are in every moment. We elevate the quality of the conversation, we set clear boundaries, and we love generously.

And, we are in turn increasingly met there in that elevated space we’ve created via nothing other than our presence.

For yourself, you’re able to have clarity, grace, and you can be more loving.

And your groundedness is a boon to everyone around you.

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Come with us into a practice space where you can pause for a moment each day to focus on your presence

What we're teaching you in this Masterclass isn't magic, though over the long term it can feel like a kind of magic. It's so simple — but it's not easy. The way there is a practice. Something you'll need to do every day.

What we're bringing is a meditation practice that has specific goals and specific capabilities you'll be building into your life.

But, this isn't meditation like you might be familiar with from popular culture, nor is it built upon Eastern approaches. Instead, you'll learn how to gently master your mind and your feelings — the foundations for a calm, fearless presence.

Moreover, this masterclass is not a long and involved download of content you have to consume like a too-large meal.

Its purpose is to get you into action.

Elevating your presence is next level leadership.

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Private portal + 10 day Support + LIVE class + Community

We lay out the concepts for elevating your presence

We want to get you out of your head and into your mind, your heart, and your will — but more elevated, more refined and capable.

Presence is a new organ of perception that can guide you with wise intuition through the dynamics of relationship — especially those that take you by surprise, turn into conflict, or are too high stakes for you to mess up.

It's the inner foundation needed so we can be healers, leaders, and social artists — ushering in a more loving and creative world.

The Portal

Home for the entire course

You get access to the private portal where the course is housed. 3 videos totaling 40 mins + MP3s, the Practice, the Magenta Manifesto, and the Guidebook. All downloadable + printable. Learn in the way that best suits you.

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Guidebook + Manifesto

Video transcripts into a downloadable guidebook

We've written out the entire course in a beautiful Guidebook that consists of the transcripts of the videos plus some extra stories to help land the concepts. We've also created a separate PDF of the Practice itself for ease of printing. Plus, we created a Manifesto that you can pin to your wall as a reminder of your commitment to the daily Practice.

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Daily Postcards + Letters

Messages of support and cheerleading

We will send you daily postcards via email for 10 days, reminding you to do the practice, and giving you tips and ideas for how to get it going regularly, building it into your life. We also send you 4 thoughtful letters that are like mini classes, building your understanding and commitment to this new way of being and doing.

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Live Webinar Q & A

Live call with us to connect, ask questions, get ideas

A week into the program, we check in with you LIVE to see how you are doing. The point of the practice is to get you right into experience so you can see for yourself what it's like to elevate into a more generative way of being. Bring your stories, questions, and hear from others going through the same experiences as you. We're after intimacy of exchange, and the warmth of community sharing.

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Live touchpoint of support and connection

Join our private community on Facebook where we hang out ready to help you with whatever you need. Also, connect with others in the course, find support, an accountability partner, and build a community of shared intention. We're there during waking hours for those 10 days. And you're welcome to stay in the group for ever.

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All this, for just $49

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