Build a transformative daily practice into your life

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Elevating your presence is next level leadership

How you show up in all areas of your life — whether in your personal relationships, at your work, or in your community — determines a great deal more than you might realize about the outcomes you’re experiencing in each interaction, and in every dream unrealized.

A more elevated presence means you will raise the bar on how you treat others, and also how you will allow others to treat you. You’re able to have clarity, grace, and you can be more loving. And your groundedness is a boon to everyone around you. You can elevate the quality of conversations, lean into success with more faith in yourself, and face with greater courage what life throws your way.

Presence is a new organ of perception that can guide you with wise intuition through the dynamics of life — especially those that take you by surprise, turn into conflict, or are too high stakes for you to mess up.

Come with us into a practice space where you can pause for a moment each day to focus on your presence.

The daily practice, explained

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Meditation is the basis for the daily practice. This is where the strength training in the "soul gym"  happens. We teach you a practice routine you do every day. It is the same each time, we don't switch things around. Just as the master violinist practices the same technique-building exercises every day of their lives, so will you do the same exercises throughout the 21 days.

We send you 6 letters throughout the 21 days that highlight particular issues and challenges you will encounter as you do your daily practice. They are personal letters from us to you, in support of your extraordinary act of building a new practice into your life for elevating your presence. 

You'll receive 5 excerpts from our favorite authors, teachers, and spiritual researchers who bring deep concepts and insightful understanding. Study is the necessary — and natural — accompaniment to meditation because it brings nourishment via concepts you won't have encountered before, and informs your practice. Otherwise, meditation dries up and becomes impossible to sustain without this nourishment — and this is the main reason why people give up on their meditation practice.

Prayer is an important third element to the daily practice because it is a powerful tool for gently countering the internal dysregulation we meet when we sit at the threshold between normal life and the monastic silence of meditation. All the distressing emotions and negative thoughts we have suppressed and ignored come to meet us as soon as we get quiet. Prayer helps us to engage with it all in a healthy and safe way without further suppression or denial. Prayer is the unexpected but powerful tool to help us sustain and nourish our daily practice.

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"I felt very supported by the lesson materials prior to the course, the letters and postcards and the Community site. The lesson materials in advance outlined the practice and gave a clear description of the focus and rationale."

"The postcards gave a quick and colorful reminder. It made me feel as though I was involved in a short, focused and dedicated effort. Not a holiday, but a special block of time. The letters gave deeper explanations that I found helped to clarify questions about the practice (esp. breathing)"

"The quality of heart from you two resonates through all of the resources and your presence. Seriously, that is what comes through: your desire to be helpful (loving, intent to free). This alongside the quality and integrity of the materials and knowledge."

"The postcards being daily gave a regular reminder and the occasional letter in more depth added to the experience. Added to that the capacity to be in discussion about the experience provided extra support. There was also a simplicity to the practice which meant it was achievable."

We guide you through the what, why, and how of building new muscles in the soul for elevating your presence

What we're teaching you in this Masterclass isn't magic, though over the long term it can feel like a kind of magic. It's so simple — but it's not easy. The way there is a practice. Something you'll need to do every day.

But, this isn't the kind of practice you might be familiar with considering what is usually offered on popular apps and platforms. Instead, you'll learn how to gently get out of your head and into your mind, your heart, and your will.

The key to getting there is doing the same practice every day. For a masterful practitioner, daily practice is about consistency, repetition, and a focused mind and heart.

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Like the monastic training methods of old, we immerse you in what it actually takes to evolve.

We do this by tapping into unconventional techniques derived from thousands of years of western esoteric spiritual insight and practice. We walk you though the three main spheres of the daily practice routine: meditation, study, and prayer. These three spheres are brought in new ways, appropriate for our time.

Everything is designed to pace both you and the information you need to succeed. Its do-able for even the busiest person; just a minimum of 15 minutes a day is needed. For 21 days we will walk with you, guiding and supporting you every day, while you build a new foundation into your life.

In the Elevated Presence Masterclass, we lay the groundwork for a lifetime of transformative practice.

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Orientation course + 21 Days of Support + Community

We lay out the concepts + practice for elevating your presence

This masterclass is not a long and involved download of content you have to consume like a too-large meal. Its purpose is to get you into action. We don’t mess around. You’ll have just 3 days to watch a short video course to orient you, and then your 21 days of practice will begin.

The Portal

Home for the entire course

You get access to the private portal where the course is housed. 2 videos totaling 47 mins + MP3s, the Practice, and the Guidebook. All downloadable + printable. Learn in the way that best suits you.

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eBook + Guidebook 

Video transcripts into a downloadable guidebook

We've written out the entire course in a beautiful eBook that consists of the transcripts of the videos plus some extra stories to help land the concepts. We've also created a separate Guidebook of the Meditation for ease of printing.

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Daily Postcards

Messages of support and cheerleading

We will send you daily postcards via email for 21 days, reminding you to do the practice, and giving you tips and ideas for how to get it going regularly, building it into your life. You'll receive them at 7AM your time zone.

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Letters + Study + Prayers

The secret to long-term success: deepening knowledge and experience

You'll also receive via email a rhythm of letters talking about issues that come up in practice, followed by an excerpt from an author to study, and then a carefully selected prayer to include. Throughout the 21 days, you'll receive 5 sets of this cycle to nourish, guide, and deepen your practice.

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Live touchpoint of support and connection

Join our private community on Telegram and connect with us and others in the course, find support, an accountability partner, and build a community of shared intention. And you're welcome to stay in the group forever.

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The doors are now open. Join us!

Just $149

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