Creating the Future

A festival with music, art, nature, mindfulness,

and social sculpture

Join us, in person:

July 10 - 20, 2022, Geesteren, Holland

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Immerse yourself:

In multiple workshops around artistic, creative, social and sustainability themes

In nature - reconnecting, engaging in hands-on activities, hiking

In the rich culture and history of southwestern France

Engage with:

The social sculpture of the future, through self-organized art and music projects, a sense walk and other initiatives

Dialogue about our values and ideals

Gardening, renovation projects, daily chores

The Vision

This festival will constitute a first step towards the creation of a cultural center, a future lab where mindfulness, sustainability, responsibility, the social future of humanity will be the topics of study, meeting, dialogue and creation.

We will be:

Engaging with nature in a healthy and sustainable manner

Growing our creativity through artistic workshops and projects around social sculpture.

Working on personal development and transformation through mindfulness, meditation and other inner work themes. 

Our medium and long term goals include festivals, seminars, workshops as well as the creation of a more permanent and ongoing place of meeting, study and co-creation.

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What will we do together?

You will actively participate in the co-creation of the community and social life of the festival. Your personal questions and needs will guide your activity and contributions. The community life and program will be developed around and by the individuals who gather and participate. 

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We want to hear from you!

Tell us of your interest to attend, and let us know what resonated with you. We are designing this event with your needs and desires in mind. If you'd like to volunteer for a reduction in costs, let us know that too!

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Some ideas for our design:

For two weeks we will be in temporary community and sharing life, work, and fun together. The structure, rhythm and process of the festival will create a space for you in which to pursue your personal questions.

Every morning, we will offer an assembly where there is a framing concept for the day, journaling exercises and prompts.

Learn about creativity, yourself, and social change. Go light or go deep - find out for yourself what serves you best.

Festival daily activities:

Early morning movement, Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation, etc.

Healthy (organic as far as possible) meals enjoyed together

Hands-on group workshops during the day

Performances and/or open mic at night

Bonfire, singing, folk dancing, band, relaxing together

Dialoguing together about the social future.

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