You’re building a great organization ... an age of uncertainty. The world’s changing rapidly; the pace of change is increasing. There are no blueprints, no sure paths to greatness.  Achieving success and impact in these times requires inner growth and capabilities as well as business smarts — and that’s where we can help. We take a unique, holistic approach to growing your people, culture, and systems. We call it Company Core.



  • Diagnose and understand the real causes of your toughest business challenges
  • Find within yourself and your team the resolve, creativity, and courage to overcome the challenges and forge new, healthy, robust relationships, culture and systems
  • Lead with authenticity, humility, strength, and wisdom
  • Navigate uncertain terrain with confidence, poise, and enthusiasm
  • Bring the best out of your people by growing and maintaining an amazing company culture
  •  Design systems that are efficient, flexible, powerful, and effective
  •  Resolve conflicts among people in ways that build community

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With more than twenty years of field experience in over twenty countries, we’ve refined a unique, powerful approach that goes to the core of BOTH your toughest business challenges AND their creative solutions.

And when we work with you, we don’t just advise: we partner with you to grow specific leadership capabilities, communication and facilitation skills, and creativity know-how. We work alongside and with you to create the people, culture, and systems solutions you need to be your best.

With our help, you can become a world-class leader, tapping into and realizing your intellectual, emotional, and creative potentials. Your business will thank you for it!

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We hired Magenta to help us more fully engage our workforce, leaders, and other stakeholders in our ongoing service to the greater Vancouver region. They helped us devise efficient, powerful ways of innovating, learning, and creating across our organization. We’re deploying them in all our work, big and small — with wonderful results.

Tanya Sather - Executive Co-Director, Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion


We partnered with Magenta to co-lead our development program for senior executives in one of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies. The Magenta team played a highly significant role in curriculum development and overall leadership of the program. Both our client and we as Reos were enormously pleased with the quality of Magenta’s contribution to the project. Magenta understands both the big picture as well as the nuts and bolts for successful inner leadership development.  Highly recommended.

Robbie Macpherson - Director at Adaptable Leadership & Partner at Reos Partners Australia


Magenta provided a sensitive, personal and supportive approach to enhancing our strengths while inspiring us to go beyond our expectations. Their accessible methods equipped us with tools for implementing beyond their program.

Shalini Agrawal - Director at Center for Art and Public Life at California College of the Arts


I worked with Magenta over a number of months both as part of a senior leadership group exploring our personal leadership and also with one on one coaching. My experience was transformative. I was challenged to think extremely differently about the world, myself, others and my business. On a personal level I resolved many issues that had been holding me back. I have used the tools that I was given with my team subsequently and have received similarly amazing feedback from them.

Julian Clarke - Executive Director, Human Resources, Global Enterprise & Services and International & New Business, Telstra


I was part of a team serving a complex scenario building process. We had excellent collective calls with Magenta and also individual coaching sessions. I found those individual sessions to be extremely useful, helping me to connect to my source, improve my communications and co-working practices, and align my attention with my intention. Every minute of each conversation was so full of meaning!

Anaí Linares - Consultant at Reos Partners North America

Your situation is unique, so we adapt our Company Core tools and training to fit your needs. Here are a few quick examples of where we've already worked, and what we can do.



We train executives and emerging leaders in large companies, as we did for Telstra, for whom we led an offsite training in the Outback, where we had the amazing privilege of connecting with a community of indigenous Australians and sleeping under the stars.



We help small companies like Lucky420, a cannabis startup in California, with executive leadership development, growing company culture, and systems design. Lucky420 is a great example of the small businesses we support: pioneering and ambitious with a social mission.



Getting to Maybe is a “social innovation residency” is a month-long summer seminar at The Banff Centre for emerging social innovation leaders. We were invited to design and lead an immersive training in creativity competency.  Participants learned creativity firsthand by making environmental art or "earthworks."



We co-founded Reos Partners, a leading social innovation consultancy supporting systemic change around the world. Over seven years, we helped grow the company from three to six offices worldwide and served or led projects on five continents, focusing on a wide range of issues in many countries.


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We create with you

We want to see results, not only process. And to help get those results, we build in metrics for success at every point, from first steps right through to completion of the project.

Using practical tools and methods tested in the field for twenty years, we help you bring powerful solutions to life with heart and soul.

That’s Company Core.

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