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Welcome to the Community Corner

Below you can find all the different ways to be in touch with us, and get the help you need.

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Questions? Email us directly

We love hearing from you. Email us at [email protected]. About anything you need. Our mission is to help you reach your highest potential, but we can't do it without you asking. So don't be shy.

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Finding mistakes or typos? Confusion?

Use this google form to tell us where, and help us fix it right away. We hate typos, and we want the content to make sense. Your feedback can help us make it the very best it can be, and this form will help you describe it accurately for us.

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Catch up on previous community calls

We have a years worth of weekly community calls. Many of them contain presentations on content not included in the course, and excellent questions from our community members. Hear personal stories, deep sharing, and insightful dialogue amongst our members. Go there now.


Sign up for one on one coaching calls

Click here if you'd like to sign up for a coaching call with Louisa. These usually go for up to two hours depending on your needs. Get help with Module 2 shadow work, communication, working through the exercises, or personal blocks or limits you're facing.

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