Being a finely made instrument for change in your life, in your organization, and out there in the world requires an extraordinary set of capabilities — of which your education has not prepared you.

To become a creative force for good in the world, these are the only three things that matter:

Creativity — the knowledge of what it actually takes to create profound change and successful action in reality, no matter what you do.

Personal development — so you can unlock, become free, and grow deep insight into the nature of the world. The macrocosm is reflected in your microcosm, and vice versa.

Professional development — specifically of the kind that brings to fulfillment your highest mission, your life's purpose.

Truly, nothing less is needed of you in order to activate your real potential.

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In order to serve my clients, I've brought together tools and practices from many places: trauma research, Goethean phenomenology, the work of Rudof Steiner and his students: Geog Kuhlewind, Dennis Klocek, Owen Barfield. Also Non-Violent Communication, systems theory, and my own experiences and experiments.

I bring that work into my teaching and support of our students and clients these days, and my ultimate goal is that they find they are no longer victims, but instead the masters and architects of their fate. This is a crucial piece of the healing journey: that you understand the spiritual story behind your biography and see it as a part of what is making you capable. And the medicine you create for yourself to heal becomes medicine also for others who have gone through what you've been through. And thus you learn to see your pain is also a gift — and has a wise role to play in making you fit for purpose.

But, there is even more to this story than healing and life purpose: with the organs of perceptions you build from doing your own healing work in the way I described, you can learn to see into the invisible realms of the soulscape at scale.

In Magenta Studios we teach this to our students: that the inner life of humans is a fractal phenomena: it has similar properties at all scales, from self through to society. This gives us insight into how we can intervene in social systems that are stuck or broken, to put it simplistically: by applying what we learn on our own healing journeys. We've seen this at work in some of our own social change projects, and we've seen what happens when this kind of self knowledge in NOT present in the social change projects and teams. It's destructive and terrible at worst, and ineffective at best.

And this is what we in Magenta Studios believe: we need a radical new approach to social change that is oriented from the inside out, not the outside in. We call this a 4th dimensional capacity with which to solve 3 dimensional problems — in reference to Einstein's wonderful quote: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them".