Co-founding Reos Partners

In 2007, we co-founded Reos Partners, a leading social innovation consultancy supporting systemic change around the world.  With Reos, we served and led projects on five continents, focusing on a wide range of issues with diverse clients and partners and supporting the global community of partners and clients.  

At Reos, we honed our craft and grew our practice.  We helped pioneer the “change lab” approach, which later became “social labs,” and contributed to several books about our work, Adam Kahane’s Power and Love and Collaborating with the Enemy as well as Zaid Hassan’s The Social Labs Revolution.  

In 2012, we began to envision a complementary brand focused on creativity in positive change, and in 2014, we left Reos to start Magenta.  Today we continue to collaborate with Reos offices on several continents.  You’ll find our Reos colleagues and stories throughout our site as they’re a big part of our lives.

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