Creativity know how

Why creativity is essential to surviving the chaos of your life and world

Every leader, change-maker, and entrepreneur (you included) is out there fighting the dragons of our time — from painful personal challenges to outrageous social injustices, from difficult career choices to the million other things you weren’t  taught to master in school, and for which there are no rule books, no blueprints, and no maps.  …

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Leadership’s Next Jump: Meta-Creativity

Woman in Infinity Room, an art installation by Yayoi Kusama, at the Broad Museum in Los Angeles.   When’s the last time you or your team struggled with “people problems?” Disagreement, ego, culture of fear, meanness, power-over… This morning, maybe?   Now think of a huge, messy challenge you care about: climate change, racism, political…

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Inner and Outer

  We are so used to thinking of “inner” as “subjective” that we forget that everything humans make begins as an inner picture. The inner life of the human being is the inner aspect of the world — not only when we appreciate nature, but even when we determine what is real and what is not. We…

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Paying Hell for Creativity: Why “Failure” is Actually Good

“When you’re down, when you’ve been kicked down in the street and then kicked a few more times until you’re bleeding and your teeth are out, then you only have up to go. You get reborn again, and expectations aren’t so great because they’ve taken you away. It’s beautiful to be down there. It’s so…

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