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We're glad you're here.

We're Louisa and Rachel, and we run Magenta FM and The Monastery membership program. We are a podcasting duo, teachers and course creators, and spiritual warriors who have been through some really difficult times ourselves. We're excited to share what we did to turn our life shattering experiences into gifts and strengths with you.

We designed this course to help you face and transform some tough stuff — this is what we love to help people do. We're all about your healing and emancipation. It's time for you to take your power back. Your gifts, awakened, are needed in the world.


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How This Course Will Roll

Here's how this course is going to roll:

One: You can immediately download all the days right below! Simply click on the button corresponding to that day which will take you to the instructions and journaling prompt. So get your favorite journal, pencil, and start with DAY ONE.

Two: Tomorrow at 7AM your time, you will receive an email for DAY TWO with a link that will take you there. You can always come back here to access DAY ONE whenever you wish.

The Days

You will receive an email every day at 7AM your time to welcome to you that day's exercise. You can access all 5 days of exercises here, or you can wait for the email which will give you the exact link to that day's exercise.

We recommend you work through each exercise and then sleep on it. Take 24 hours to work through each day, so you can allow new insights to drop in as you live with the process each day.

Take your time. This is deep work. Give it space to land.