Flying headfirst into the unknown


Are you having the experience of flying headfirst into the unknown?

Despite all your planning, strategies, and goals, still you’re enduring uncertainty.

This is how real change and transformation always goes, because any creative work involves enduring uncertainty indefinitely for long periods of time without reward. It requires surfing in the not knowing.

And we define creative work as anything where you are trying to make transformative change happen.

While there is hardly anything more scary than sailing in unfamiliar seas without a map, still this space is very potent.

You have to pare down to the essentials by stripping away assumptions, beliefs, and all that has been holding you back; all conclusions, frameworks, plans, strategies — form.

What is left is a spark in you that feels naked, raw and vulnerable but alive.

Its a potent creative space because you’re finally free there.

Flying headfirst into the unknown can feel at first like you’ve done something wrong, but actually you’ve done everything right.

That is, if you want real, lasting, and transformative change.

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