Witnesses of our mess

Angels over the earth. Paint on canvas and digital hybrid, by Jeff Barnum

This image is kind of a contemplation of our time, in the near future.
Over the next few centuries as the apocalypse unfolds, the chaos and rot, human ignorance and egotism, coming out of the inner life of humans will spread out over the earth.
There are witnesses to this; the creative forces in the cosmos are not material in nature, but spiritual in nature. And this is a picture of one little pocket of the spiritual forces that hover over and around and in the earth, that are witnessing the chaos that humanity is causing.
We can connect with these — in our intuition, our love, in our higher selves — and become instruments for these witnessing creative benevolent aspects of consciousness.
And we can bring them into the earth, if we’re aware of them, as a phenomenology of the higher self, the higher possibilities, creative possibilities — that oppose destructive possibilities.
This image is a digital and oil hybrid; a picture of the merging of the analog world and the digital world in a way that serves life, or doing it in a way that serves death. That’s the choice before us.

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