Finding space for calm in tumultuous times

Every election season, we are reminded of just how polarized and divided American society is. But as far as we can tell, this time round has been even more severe than usual.

And of course, there’s the pandemic — with no end in sight. So it’s all a bit stressful, isn’t it?And while there’s not much any of us can do about the societal mess, we can do something about how we’re internalizing it.

In that light, I want to share with you a verse written by students of Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher and founder of “spiritual science,” about 100 years ago.

I found it very helpful and meaningful at a certain time in my life — and it seems like it was written for our time and place! If you find yourself struggling with hope for the future, try working with this verse.

Work with it every morning and every evening for a while. And like the trim tab that moves the rudder that moves the big boat, so can pondering this verse help shift the inner life from anxiety and fear toward hope and resilience.

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