A shift in consciousness is needed — but what does that mean?

The Beast, by Jeff Barnum. Acrylic on panel, 60″ X 60″

Wow, what a mess we’re in!

If you live in the USA, you may be wondering how we’ll EVER survive the chaos and dysfunction that defines our political arena right now.

The dysfunction goes deep. As Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem. And clearly, we need a change of consciousness big time in order to see through the noise and find a feasible path forward!

But the million dollar question is, HOW?

We’re all trying, of course, with innovative strategies, collaborative frameworks, workshops, and conferences. We make plans and try to learn from our mistakes.

And while we do make some small progress, we are losing both the battle and the war against the onslaught of our paradigms writ large in all kinds of systemic breakdown.

Clearly, something else is needed.

And that something else is the ability to step into a new mode of consciousness — one that’s fundamentally different than the consciousness that got us here.

A new kind of consciousness has to be trained. It’s not a switch to flick, or a pill, or a new theory to grasp with the intellect.

We’re talking about an inner alchemical transformation taking place on a collective level. But it’s going to take time — and it has to happen one person at a time.

We call this new paradigm creative consciousness, because the keys to unlocking an experience of this new consciousness lies in the essence of creativity.

Creativity is often conceived as something for “others” — for creative types, for children, or for “entertainment” — but at its root, it is the primary act of shifting consciousness. One shifts from fixed to fluid, from rigid to mobile, from predetermined or habitual (or even compelled) to living, improvisational.

In this sense, creativity is fundamental to mental health, connection with others, inner growth — all of which are core to meaningful change.

So that old hobby you used to enjoy, painting sunsets, or poetry writing? That may have been a lot more useful than you realized. And if you love bringing people together and making magic happen, well you might very well be a “social creative” who simply needs permission to step into it more fully.

Whatever it is, bring some creativity back into your life. There’s something important to learn.

We’ve got more for you about this coming up soon.


Louisa and Jeff

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