Choose Your Inspiration Wisely

Jeff Barnum, “Angels Over the Earth,” Oil on Canvas, digitally altered. Medium size, 2018.


Every creative person has to make decisions about their source.

When we were young artists, we had to choose our sources. Many artists we loved — but whose sources weren’t our sources. For example, Jeff loved Basquiat and Bacon, but didn’t want to instill his life and work with Bacon’s horror or Basquiat’s frantic desperation. Sure, these make for strong art — but what kind of life do they create? We also love Rembrandt and Twombly and Gubaidulina — artists whose work is every bit as powerful, but who draw from very different sources.

Source is a key question in creativity of all kinds because inspiration comes from somewhere.

So, think about it. From which fountain will you drink?

Short post today. One last thing. Don’t be like Basquiat and go crazy on drugs and then die at 27. Not cool. Be more like William Pope.L. The longer he goes, the more potent his work becomes. That’s because he’s got capacities, not just gifts. More on the difference another time. But it begins with consciously cultivating your source. Tell us how it goes.

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