Increasing Innovation in Disability Services, Canada

The Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) is one of the Vancouver partners we support in their efforts to mainstream social acceptance for people with intellectual disabilities.  Before we began that larger work, we helped BACI get the most of their team.

There is always a drive at BACI to drive innovation in their service delivery, but they had a sense that their internal systems and culture wasn’t fostering as much innovation as they had potential.  After some discovery work, we found that the problem was that people on the front lines couldn’t get their innovative ideas to the mid and senior level managers.  There was no mechanism or disciplines for this communication, so good ideas from the front lines couldn’t go anywhere. 

We helped BACI develop and implement a set of tools and disciplines they called the “Learning Loop.”  It ensured that good ideas from anywhere in the organization had a place to land, travel up the line, get tested, rejected, refined, improved, and ultimately implemented.  It was so successful that BACI made it a permanent feature and a key part of their strategic plan.

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