YearCrafter is designed to help you create goals that actually stick. Part meditation, part journaling process; YearCrafter will take you on a journey from discovering what matters most to you, connecting in the right way with your heart, and on into the activation of your will.

Intimate, deep, contemplative. Take a warm bath in YearCrafter and bask in the guided meditative exploration of your mind, heart, and creative will.

What you will learn in YearCrafter:

  • Activate your creative will and make meaningful change happen in your life
  • Connect more deeply to your life purpose, and life's mission
  • Engage your will in the right way — from the inside out
  • Develop a better understanding of your inner landscape, your soul, with a simple but profound anatomy
  • Learn the three little-known life hacks for real transformation
  • Use the process again and again, anytime you need to make change in your life.
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Embark on a journey of discovery and wise design toward activating your most cherished goals.

We believe that following through on making meaningful change in your life is one of the hardest things to pull off, even though such change may be critical to your well-being. We know why it is so hard, and YearCrafter is our gentle solution to share with you.

We begin with a little knowledge about the difference between setting outer goals and setting inner ones — that you need an anatomy of your inner landscape, your soul, so you can learn how to work in accordance with its true nature. With the tools we walk you through, you will understand how to access and finally activate your creative will in the right way, thus helping you to discover, design, and finally achieve your most important goals, from the inside out.

What's included in the YearCrafter complete kit

A Guided, Step By Step Journey

The meditations themselves are long-form, guided contemplations that thoughtfully take you through a process that deepens as you progress. Not too long and not too short, they are the right length for a deep dive into your inner reality without pressure and exertion. Instead, they are a healthy meal, a warm bath, of discovery and wise design.


Theory and Practice, plus a custom printable journal

YearCrafter's Theory and Practice takes you into the world of contemplative meditation as a powerful tool for personal change. You will learn what the underlying secrets are to this method for discovering, creating, and activating resilient goals. Plus, a customized and printable journal is included to keep you organized and in flow.


Audios of Everything

If you are on the go or prefer to listen instead of reading, these audios were created to help you enter into the space of contemplative meditation with beautiful music and slow, careful spoken word. Included are four audios: Theory and Practice, plus the three Meditations — for a total of 37 minutes of sonic guidance.


Get YearCrafter while the year is young, and get started with wiser goals and activated will. We stand by our products; you get what you expect or your money back. Guaranteed.

Written and Produced by Louisa Barnum and the Magenta Studios Team

Louisa Barnum is a co-founder of Magenta Studios with partner Jeff Barnum. Louisa co-leads the training arm of Magenta as communication and inner work expert. An executive coach for many years, she focuses on the challenges of inner development, trauma, and mental illness in leadership contexts. Her work is informed by studies of anthroposophy, consciousness, and meditation, and emphasizes practices of building inner capacities for self-mastery and leadership presence. Louisa also consults with companies and peace-building projects on their culture development programs, bringing an approach that includes Non-Violent Communication techniques, creativity training, and culture regeneration. She trained as a classical violinist and singer and continues to sing and record. A New Zealander by birth, she now lives in Northern California with her family, a posse of black cats, and a herd of horses.


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