Nice to meet you!

We're Jeff and Louisa Barnum

We're a husband and wife team and together we co-founded Magenta Studios, a consulting company working with clients around the world.

The School for the Social Future is a project of Magenta Studios.

We've experienced for ourselves the struggle to make it real. Along with 20+ years of social change project support, we've been raising kids plus co-creating a healthy 20 year marriage and a company — together.

Our story of becoming

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We began our career paths committed to becoming professional artists. Jeff a painter and sculptor, and Louisa a violinist and singer. We have multiple degrees and experience performing and making art from those early days.

While working and studying in Europe, we met at an ancient castle in Slovenia volunteering for IDRIART (Institute for the Development of Intercultural Relations through the Arts). There, we saw the power and potential of art to create platforms for healing and transformation. That experience changed our lives.

We lost faith in a conventional career path; art can be a narcissistic pursuit and we wanted to be of service to the world, so we forged our own path.

We spent a year studying full time with one of the world's foremost teachers of consciousness and Goethe's phenomenology, Dennis Klocek (also an artist), who remains one of our chief mentors today. That year laid the foundations for a revolutionary understanding of creativity, consciousness, and inner development, and ultimately has lead to the School for the Social Future where we could help leaders systematically and methodically build their capabilities — to become masters in the creative medium of the social realm.

Our art practices are where we still experiment, grow, and incubate our creativity knowledge. Jeff paints and makes sculpture, and has added furniture to his repertoire. These days Louisa sings, works with horses, and volunteers at a horse rescue where she explores the effects of trauma in horses and how that can be healed.

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Still here? How about some fun facts

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Jeff thinks his name is boring. He is thinking Jupiter might be better.

Louisa's childhood nickname was Lulu. She didn't know what her real name was until she was 8 years old. Maybe even older.

Jeff thinks you should take up snowboarding.

We depend on our daily cups of tea for comfort and security.

We go through roughly 3 gallons of raw milk every week. From our own cows (herd share program).

We are drowning in Jeff's gorgeous paintings. They are stacked against the walls throughout our house because we haven't had time to find them loving homes.

We have black cats. They spend their lives in great urgency about food, then warm lap, then food again, then bed.

New Zealand was a really great place to grow up. You are likely to be thinking at this very moment you should visit. That is a good idea.

The hot tub is a very productive meeting space.

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Nice things people say about us

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"I can't say enough about much Magenta helped my company bring our vision to life. With their help we built the company culture that we've always dreamed of. Their approach is a perfect balance of conceptual understanding of humans and teams coupled with practical tools, systems, and resources. They've helped me grow as a leader by leaps and bounds and I feel more confident and at ease in my role of CEO because of them. I highly recommend leveraging their wealth of knowledge to grow your self or your team in ways that you probably don't even know are possible."

— Rachel Hazlett, CEO of Lucky420s, Entrepreneur

"ORAP had the privilege of working with Magenta Studios in our work as part of exploring peace-building in Zimbabwe. The Magenta Studios team very deftly ushered our organisation into grasping new ways of thinking about exploring how to solve complex problems. They supported the team as a whole, and specifically took the time to understand the individuals and guide them appropriately. We look forward to diving deeper into creative approaches with Magenta."

— Mvuselelo Huni, CEO, Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP), Zimbabwe

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"Magenta is a trusted partner. They are helping us learn how to identify the visible and invisible causes, sources, and structures of violent conflicts, and how to confront and transform ideologies, traumas, and legacies of colonialism and racism that propagate and sustain intractable conflicts. We look forward to working more with Magenta to support peacebuilding around the world."

— Bryan Sims, Investment Manager, Humanity United

"I have known Jeff and Louisa for more than twenty years.  They are next generation luminaries who carry forward everything I have spent my life advancing: practical and spiritual insights into the nature of being human that provide meaningful ways forward on the most pressing and challenging issues of our times — paths that nourish the best in humanity across all boundaries, political, cultural and otherwise."

— Miha Pogacnik, Cultural Ambassador of Slovenia